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Spot Your Train is something which is searched quite often by the travelers, especially Indians. Well, in that case, how often do you find yourself in an unknown place when travelling in the train? Or how long do you wait on the railway station for your train to arrive because you don’t know how to spot your train? There are times when you are completely out of idea about the place you are travelling and this is where you need to know the exact location of your train. Isn’t it? 😀 is a perfect online platform to know your train’s live location. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting at a station for the train to arrive or in the train to know the exact place; our website is the best way to spot your train location. When you have online facilitators like, you need not stand in a long queue to know about your train running status. And moreover, you can do that at your home, so you can reach the station on time. 🙂

Spot Your Train

Spot Ur Train!

When you have a unique platform to spot ur train, your search will be hassle free. Be it a mobile, tablet or even laptop, when you have an internet connection, you can spot your train easily. You can spot your train on mobile, tablet or any other device which supports the internet or has Wi-Fi availability. At, you have a chance to know the live train running status at your fingertips.

Spot My Train: has a simple process to solve your queries such as Spot My Train, Spot My Train on Mobile etc. Just enter the train number or name, select the date and just click on GO. That’s it! Within a fraction of seconds, you will get the live train status on your fingertips. Isn’t it pretty simple to spot your train on our website? 😛

Spot Your Train on Mobile:

As said earlier that, you can spot your train on mobile to face off the unknown location on the trip, you can easily know your train running status on your mobile anytime! And if you are an avid traveler, you are sure to make the most out of the Spot Your Train because you will get to know new places of the world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an Express train, mail, superfast, local or Rajdhani or any of the luxury trains, you are sure to get the perfect results.

Train Running Status

Train Running Status:

When you spot the train by using our unique process, you can easily know the train running status within a fraction of seconds. We have simple algorithm by using which you can easily spot your train without any troubles. If you are waiting for your loved ones, important business clients or receiving a parcel by train, our website can provide you perfect results by letting you know the live train status.

We hope that you got the information about what you were looking for. If you face any kind of problems while checking spoturtrain status online, you can contact us at any point of time. We will be happy to help you. Happy Journey 🙂