Cancelled Trains Today: Here’s How to Find Cancelled Trains!

By | July 16, 2017

Cancelled Trains

National train enquiry system, the official Indian Railways website has undoubtedly boosted the railway industry. It has worked for the better organization and management of information, which can be utilized by both public and railway employees to stay informed. It also helps to find Cancelled Trains and this is what the article about.

In the absence of this online portal, it was quite difficult for users to stay informed and inquire about timing and status of special trains. However now, one can stay informed and plan their travel according to the information provided on the portal.

Cancelled Trains

Problems Caused Due to Cancellation of Trains

Cancelled trains can really have a drastic impact on the traveling schedule of an individual, and can also hamper his personal and official work. Following are some of the impacts of cancellation of trains;

  1. Individuals miss being a part of personal ceremonies
  2. Individuals often have to suffer business losses by not being a part of official meetings
  3. For travelers, who have a complete journey or vacation planned cancellation of trains might make them go through financial losses.

Considering the problems caused, the official website of Indian railways has made a move to keep travelers informed of cancelled trains. Hence unlike before, individuals need not have to suffer because of missing information instead they can plan their travel accordingly and ensure no unplanned cancellation of the train between station bothers their life.

Types of Cancelled Trains

While you are following the steps of checking cancelled trains, it is essential to get an idea that there are two types of cancelled trains. Each one of it can be accessed online on national train enquiry system by following steps below;

Fully Cancelled Trains

This category of the trains is the ones which are not running completely from source to destination. Once you clicked on cancelled trains tab, press click on tab “Fully cancelled trains”. To filter out information don’t forget to mention the train number and its start date. If the said train has been completely cancelled, it shall be a part of your list.

Cancelled Trains Today

Partially Cancelled Trains

The trains falling under this category are the ones which are not running on a specific part of the route. Herein, you have to enter the train number and start time, and within no time train if on the list shall appear in front of you. Once the list appears, make sure to check the column “canceled from” and “cancelled to” to inquire on which route the train has been cancelled.

How to Find Cancelled Trains on NTES Website?

If you have a train scheduled sometime from now, it is always good to check on its status by accessing this link. Simply log on to the site and have a look at the upper menu. The fifth option on the upper menu says “Train cancelled”. Click on it and you shall have access to the complete list of trains cancelled. You can also check PNR status live by visiting NTES website of Indian Railways!


Conclusion of Trains Cancelled Today!

From the facts mentioned above, it is well evident that individuals travelling on Indian railways can get every bit of information regarding cancelled Trains today and also trains scheduled for some other day.

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