PNR Status: Check PNR Status to Confirm Your Seat!

By | July 24, 2017

PNR Status

Indian railways are an every growing industry. With the help of the internet, our lives have become a lot easier. You can make any booking or status enquiry by simply accessing the online website. All you need to do is access the right website to know your PNR status. One of the major concerns which people have is regarding Indian Railways system.

There is always a chance of delays and cancellations or diversions in trains which can make any person angry standing at the railway station. This is the reason why PNR number has been introduced in order to check the status check any booking made online.

PNR number is displayed on the top of the ticket and provides detail information about the seat availability and whether it is in confirmed state or still waiting. If you believe that train is delayed or the ticket status is not confirmed then you can get the ticket canceled at that point.

PNR Status

Why Check PNR Status?

It is always important to keep a track of PNR status when you are travelling anywhere. Railways are inexpensive and reasonable mode of transportation used by many people and it is possible that reservation details may change. Under the PNR status, you can check the ticket is under RAC or waiting list. You can simply check the PNR status online and see if the ticket gets confirmed. It also gives you the luxury to avail an alternate train option or other mode of transportation beforehand. PNR status provides better management of passenger’s ticket status.

How to Find IRCTC PNR Status?

There are various ways by which you can check the PNR status and find various trains between stations. One of the easiest ways to do is by sending SMS to the railway enquiry number and provides PNR status in the message text. The message reply that you receive will contain the information status of PNR status and seat status. There is another way to get information about PNR status online by going through the below procedure.


  • First, you need to do is go here
  • Under the left-hand section of tabs, you will find a link to PNR Enquiry. Click on the link and it will redirect you to Indian Railways official website.
  • Under the page you opened in step 2, you will able to see the Passenger Current Status tab field. Under this field, you need to enter the PNR number in order to get the current status. PNR number you will get on the top left corner of the ticket. If you still require any assistance on PNR number then you can even contact railway enquiry number. Under online booking, PNR number is sent to the registered mobile number in the form of a message with the complete status of PNR.
  • After providing the PNR number, you can simply click on Get Status to get the required details or clear in case you want to erase the PNR number you provided.

Conclusion to Get PNR Status

Above mentioned is quite simple and easy way to get PNR status online by simply accessing IRCTC or Indian Railways Official website. Meanwhile, if you got confirmed tickets and waiting for the train, you can spot my train online from our portal.

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