All You Need to Know About Special Trains & Heritage Trains

By | May 25, 2017

Special Trains

Indian railways are an ever growing network run by the central government of India. It is the largest network in the world and covers almost all key stations in India from national to international borders as well. Indian railway train bookings can be done through an online portal that provides users to book tickets. Previously, I have covered about trains between stations and today, I will explain about special trains & heritage trains as well.

Importance of Special & Heritage Trains Bookings

Special and heritage trains are those types of trains that run for special days or purpose. Heritage trains are basically a special type of trains that symbolize Indian culture and tradition. Special trains are those trains that run on a specific occasion during special days.

Heritage Trains

There are various types of special trains available for booking and one can make the seat booking using an online portal such as National Train Enquiry System. You can find a lot of information by accessing online portals. You can make an advance booking of certain trains on specific days.  Some of the special trains include Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Kalka Shimla Railway, Kangra Valley Railway, Matheran Hill Railwayand Nilgiri Mountain Railway.

How to Book Heritage & Special Trains

  1. In order to make booking of special trains and heritage trains then you need to access online portal of Indian Railways
  2. When you access online website then you can get access to special trains and get information about trains that run on a specific time and date that you require.
  3. You a an find list of trains with listed information includes train number, train name, runs on (from station), source, destination, arrival, travel time, valid from and valid to.
  4. Under the tab (Search train for your station code/name, you can even search for the trains that can be easily found.
  5. If you get the updated information about the special trains then you can refresh the list and get the desired information. Take out the printout of the listed trains. Click on any of the train and start making bookings in one go through the website.
  6. If you are looking for heritage trains then you can access this portal and get the list of the Trains for heritage stations. If you want to filter out the information then you can enter your boarding / DE boarding station under the tab and you will be able to get information associated with the train (train number, train name, source, destination, heritage stations it covers, departure time, arrival time and runs on (heritage stations).

Special Trains

Conclusion of Heritage Trains

Heritage train booking is used by many people and it is always important for people to get information about booking it online. Getting information about the special trains and heritage trains is now becoming a lot easier and you can get the desired information by the simple accessing online website.

With the above information, you can easily access online information and also make online booking of tickets at national train enquiry system online webpage. Now you can get all the required information about special trains and heritage trains simply with simple click online. Meanwhile, when you are about to start your journey and want to know the status of your train, you can spot ur train here.

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