How to Find Train Seat Availability & Book Your Seat?

By | July 22, 2017

Train Seat Availability

Indian railways is the largest network in the world and cover almost every important station in India. With the advent of online booking option, it has become lot more convenient to check train status and book your train tickets online. National Train enquiry system provides you the option to check seat availability and make a booking online. With the help of this system, you can check the seat availability and make your booking in advance without much effort.

The Demand of Seat Availability in Train

Demand for online railway ticket booking has increased especially in special trains. Most people are willing to pay some extra money and get their seat booking done in advance with convenience. This is why online booking options have increased and there is requirement of getting status of train seat availability and make the bookings in advance.

Seat Availability

Whenever you are planning to travel to anywhere, then you may be looking to make an advance booking or get status of available seats in next 4-5 hours. This is why the option is now available to check Seat Availability in train and make the required bookings. In case you want to make a booking in short time then you can consider the option and make the bookings done.

Best Way to Find Train Seat Availability

Below is the procedure to check the status of seat availability in train and make your booking online.

  • The first thing you need to do is go to the NTES website.
  • Once you click the above link, then there is tab available to get Seat/Berth Availability. Click on the tab and it will redirect you to this website which is IndianRail.Gov.In.
  • Click on the link available on left tab “Current Booking Availability” and it will open a web page
  • In the current booking availability web page, you need to enter the source station from where you want to make the booking.

Train Seat Availability

  • Once you enter the source station, click on Get Availability tab and it will show you the current booking station. The information is fetched in detail so it may take some time. In case you want to erase the source station then simply click on the Clear button.
  • After clicking on Get Availability, it will display the status of current booking accommodation availability for trains departing in next 4 hours after charting. There will be a complete list of trains between stations with information like train number, train name, source, departure time, destination and seat type You can even select the class and see if the booking is available.
  • If you want to get information related to Seat Berth Booking, then there is another link available on National Train Enquiry System website. Click on the tab Seat Berth Booking.
  • Now you need to log in using the registered ID and provide a password in order to get the status of trains.

Conclusion of Seat Availability

With the help of above-mentioned procedure, it is possible to check train seat availability and make your train seat booking online.

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