How to Find Trains between Stations on Indian Railways Website?

By | May 29, 2017

Trains Between Stations

Indian railways are a state-owned company which was first introduced in the year 1853. Indian railways have been recognized as one of the largest networks in the world covering 115,000 km track, 7112 stations and route of 67312 km. it operates all 26 states and 3 UT while it also covers International borders to Pakistan and Bangladesh. With too many of trains in India, there are many people who search for trains between stations to reach their destination at the earliest.

Need of Searching Train Between Stations

Indian railway network is largest in the world and also used by different people to travel from one place to another. If you are planning your travel to nearby or distant location then Indian railways are one of the cheapest modes of transportation which provide a comfortable stay. Many people like to travel nearby and need to find passenger trains between stations.

It is important to that you should know how to find train between stations so that you can make your booking in advance at a suitable date. In order to find the trains between stations, you can choose National Train Enquiry System online portal and get accurate results at the earliest. Point to note here is it will not show any heritage trains in the list as they are seasonal trains.

Trains Between Stations

Find Trains Between Stations using NTES

  • In order to find the train or Trains Between Station, you need to first visit IndianRail.Gov.IN website.
  • When you open the website, you will be able to find an input tab which mentions entering the train name and number under the “trains between imp stations’ tab given on the home page.
  • You can enter the part of station name in the input tab and list of the suggestions that will be available on the drop down. By buying a big part of train name or number, your train will be visible in the drop-down list.
  • After your select the train from the list, the new input box will appear which displays the journey station from where you can board and date.
  • You have the option to enter Journey/ Boarding/ Arrival station under the list of options and Journey/Boarding/ Arrival date under the second tab.
  • Once you select the option, train schedule will be available in the drop down. You can even enter the journey station input box by typing the station code and station name or can select the list of the scheduled stations. After choosing the station and data, a current seat status of the train will be available.

Conclusion of Trains Between Stations

With so many train options available between stations, if you are able to find trains between stations then you can easily plan your travel accordingly such as choose your itinerary plan, book your stay or select a suitable boarding date and time. National Train Enquiry System offers a convenient way to find trains between stations as per your boarding/ destination station and date.

You can simply choose an option to see train between stations by entering the travel location “from” and “to” in the input tab available. You also have an option to enter “via station” option. Choose this simple method of finding trains between stations and you can easily plan your travel in advance. Stay tuned to spot your train blog for more guides and railway updates!

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